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A/NSorry … this one’s short. Didn’t really have time to write. I have the whole story laid down, but there are a few spots that need some polish. I’m giving you a bit of Henry and Jo action in this one, just a little bit…I like teasing. 😉 Aaaand … just one tiny, interesting thing.


Rating                  T

Category              F/M

Fandom               Forever (TV)

Relationships     Jo Martinez/Henry Morgan

Language            English



Chapter III

Shadows of the past



He didn’t even realized he had feelings for Jo until that cursed moment when, embraced by the ice cold water, he thought he will never find her … when he felt he won’t be able to face eternity without her. He was doomed … he was so doomed.

Jo opened the front door completely, but before letting him in she stepped forward and gave him a hug. This took Henry by surprise so much he didn’t return it.

“Don’t go. We need you here.” Jo whispered near his ear, ‘I need you here.’ she whispered in her mind, but couldn’t gather the courage to say it out loud. It was too much of a confession, and she wasn’t ready for that just yet. She was just about to let go, when she felt him wrap his hands around her waist, and bury his face in the crook of her neck. A thrill went throughout her body and a moan was stopped just in time from leaving her throat. The touch of his skin on hers was almost too much, she felt like if he would kiss her neck now she would break down, lose control. And of course that crossed his mind too, the smell of her skin was intoxicating, and the urge to press his lips on the sensitive skin on her neck was overwhelming, still … being the gentleman that he was, he didn’t do it. He knew he wouldn’t be able to stop.

So they just stood there for minutes on end, enjoying each other’s presence, relinquishing in this moment of peace. When they broke the hug, both were almost breathless.

“I’ll stay.” he managed to utter, after a pause that made both uncomfortable.

“Good. Otherwise I’ll hunt you down.” She joked. “By the way, did you try looking for her, after she left?”

“Abigail? … Yes. I tried. Sometimes I think that I didn’t try hard enough. I couldn’t accept she would leave me, but in my heart I knew she didn’t want to be found.”

“So you stopped.”, she said. “You know, most men in your position wouldn’t have given up.”

“The situation was different.”, he offered, forgetting to mention he spent a year looking for her, and if it wouldn’t have been for Abe …

”You aren’t most men.”

“Of course, I’m the weirdest, creepiest, most unusual person you ever met.” He quoted her trying to change the course of the discussion. It was in the past, and he finally intended to leave it there.

“How do you even remember all these things?” Jo laughed, a bit flustered by the memory. He was definitely unusual and a bit weird, but she reconsidered the creepy part. He was just lonely … very much like her.                “Henry Morgan, you confuse the hell out of me.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I confuse myself most of the time.”

They both chuckled, and again they lost themselves in each other’s eyes.

“I should go.” Henry interrupted the silence, before she could reply he bowed and placed a small kiss on her cheek. “Good night, Jo.”


Jo was determined to find Abigail. This was at least she could do for Henry, provide him closure.

After hours of investigating, phone calls and searching the archives she finally came across an Abigail Morgan married to a certain Henry Morgan. Deceased. ‘Oh, Henry …’ Jo breathed. She had nothing to give him now, she couldn’t do this to him; she knew very well how it felt. She was on her way to close everything when a detail caught her eye. Mother of … Abraham Morgan. ‘Abe?’ Jo thought, ‘No that … that’s impossible. There must be a coincidence.’ Still she continued to follow the lead, as improbable as it looked. A few more phone calls and an email popped on her screen. Attached she found a picture. Taken at The Stork Club was the photo of a young couple. Jo’s heart stopped. From the picture, the smiling face of her partner gazed back at her. She looked at the blonde woman besides him, then back at him. The hair on her hands stood straight as she read the date on the photo … March 18, 1955. A typo, maybe, just another coincidence … her logical brain tried hard to convince her what she was seeing was not true. ‘There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence’ a movie quote came to her. She decided there was just one more thing she wanted to check, her fingertips flew over the keyboard, logging into the system and typing in the information she wanted to know. There it was, she proceeded to open the document, breath caught in her throat. At the sight of the document her eyes widened.

“Oh my God, Henry.” she whispered placing a hand over her mouth. The reality of it all collapsed atop her, memories came rolling down like an avalanche.

“Hey, it’s her or you, man. Your call.” The image of Henry flashed before her eyes. “Me, shoot me.”, no hesitation, no double thinking.

His expression every time she implied he might get killed.

“Being flailed, slow dismemberment. Oh and starvation…”

Suddenly Jo felt faint.

Not two seconds later her phone rang. It was Hanson.

“Hey Jo. We have a lead on that scopolamine drug, the Doc found on Dr. Farber’s body. Lieutenant said you and Dr. Morgan should go check it out.”

Damn karma. She couldn’t see Henry right now. This was too much, but it wasn’t like she had a choice, she had do deal with it, at least until she was able to confront him.

“Ok. I’m on it.”


The ride there was extremely awkward, for her at least, he kept on going about how Burundanga was made and the side effects it could have. She caught nothing of it, but he was definitely passionate about it. And that was good, as long as it kept him distracted enough not to notice her distress.

“Stay here.” Jo prompted him, not that she was worried something would happen to him, but because she couldn’t look him in the eye.

“I’m not letting you go alone in there, Jo.” his gaze was stern, making it clear he won’t take no for an answer.

“Alright. But stay close.” she said as she pushed the door open. “NYPD. Is anybody home?” No answer. They proceeded to enter the small house, gun pointed out. The interior was so dusty Jo had to swat a hand in front of her face to keep it out of her eyes. Most of the rooms were dark and empty, but when they entered the main-room an unnerving sensation made their hair stand up. The room was bigger, and even darker that the others although it was illuminated by a few cheap candles. Henry felt a presence and instinctually stepped in front of Jo. On the armchair facing them was seated an old man, when he raised his eyes to look at the two intruders, Henry froze. Even though there were a few feet between them, he could see the man’s eyes … he knew those eyes.

“You?” Henry asked, almost in shock. The man squinted cocking his head to the side.

“Henry? Dr. Henry Morgan? … What a wonderful coincidence.”

“How is this possible?”


A/N: I know, I know, it’s short and has a cliffhanger.


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    I like it and I don’t even know *Frvr*

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