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A/N: Thank you for reading, I’m very happy you are enjoying it, and I’ll try to keep this story as interesting as I can.

Note: I was going to reveal Adam’s real name in this story, but I chose to remove it for various reasons. Left a little clue though. 😉

Note: OMG the last episode! *faints*



Chapter IV

Heaven knows how much



“How is this possible?”

“I would have thought that after all this time you would’ve reconsidered what’s possible and what’s not.”

The man stood up and approached Henry, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I never got to thank you for saving my life.” sincerity gleaming in the man’s unnatural grey eyes. Henry’s body began to shake under the man’s touch.

“It was you…”, he breathed in realization, “It was you who did this to me.”

Jo’s eyes snapped to the grey eyed man, he looked confused. Was it possible that it was him who made Henry immortal? Jo had difficulties grasping the immortal thing as it was, finding out it was a man who did it made everything even more surreal. The man’s gaze softened.

“There aren’t many people like you in the world. Who would put their lives in line for someone they don’t even know. Henry, what I did to you was a gift.”

“A gift?” Henry felt himself crumble “I lost everyone I ever loved, and I will continue to do so. I will stay and watch everyone fade and die … while I remain the same – unchanged, unaltered…undead.” he didn’t care Jo was there, he let out all of his pain, laid it out on the ground, it was so raw and heavy and it never felt more real than it did now, seeing this man, reminding him of how long he actually lived.

Detective Martinez felt her eyes prickle, and a drop fell on her cheek. Now everything fell into place, why he was so guarded, why Abigail left, why he hid this from everyone, and she was mad at the world, she was mad at her even, because she knew she won’t be able to give him any kind of comfort, she knew she will die too, eventually…and he will be left alone again. The black man spoke again, interrupting her train of thought.

“We all lose people we love.” he said turning his head towards Jo, and when she looked surprised he pointed to her ring. “This is life. It’s a matter of what we choose to do with it now that counts. When we fall, we get up and carry on. That’s what we all do.” Henry turned his head hesitantly towards Jo, he knew his secret was exposed, and didn’t know what to expect, tomorrow will certainly be an interesting day, still, he didn’t expect to see her cry…

“Did you kill Doctor Farber?” Jo asked.

“Who?” the man asked.

“Adam.” Henry tried to clarify, but with no success, “The other one.” he added.

“Oh, him… he was afraid of his own name I see.”

“Did you?” Doctor Morgan insisted.

“It was long overdue. And before you ask me how or why … it was because he has long forgotten how to be human. As for who he was, who he really was, remember the 23 stabbing scars on his body.” The grey eyed man smiled squeezing Henry’s shoulder “Don’t forget to live, Henry.”

A white dust was blown from the man’s left hand directly into Henry’s face, then he turned towards Jo and did the same thing to her, not before saying: “Take care of him.” After that, everything went dark.


Jo woke up in her bedroom, with little if not without any memory of what happened yesterday. Was it yesterday? She felt her head spin, and for a moment she thought it might not be such a good idea to get out of bed, she decided to do it anyway, she needed a coffee. When she reached the edge of the bed and tried to stand dizziness got the best of her, her head felt heavy, managed to take a step, bad move, it only propelled her forward and as well making her stumble on something that wasn’t supposed to be there. She was going down now. Jo tried hard to fall on the bed but she missed it only by a couple centimeters, so she embraced the thought that she will soon hit the hard floor … instead she was welcomed by something soft that groaned. Her eyes wide, she was suddenly awake.

“Henry?” she asked. She definitely didn’t expect to fall on top of her partner. “Why are you sleeping on the floor? … Why are you in my bedroom?”

Henry looked at her confused…he wasn’t fully awake just yet, and he had no idea where he was, what he did know was that he enjoyed the situation. Waking up with Jo in his arms was something that he fantasized for months now, but it didn’t last long, as she shifted to the side obviously embarrassed; still she didn’t go far, settling at his side with her head resting on his right arm. All embarrassment aside getting up wasn’t and option and … truth be told she enjoyed feeling him close. She could feel her blood pressure rise at the sight of him: a ray of sunlight was illuminating his smiling face, his shirt unbuttoned … she felt her breath hitch, he was always so dapper that this casual look made her have an uncomfortable feeling of intimacy, so much that when he turned towards her heart skipped a beat.

“Before you ask any more questions: I have no idea how or why I’m here.” Henry offered, his voice a little raspy.

“Any theories” Jo asked trying to regain control over her own voice.

“Actually, yes. I believe we were drugged. The symptoms are spot on: memory loss, dizziness, dilatation of the pupils, muscle weakness, at least for me it’s there, and shortness of breath.” he pointed to her making her cheeks flush a furious red, the shortness of breath had nothing to do with the drug. Henry noticed the colour of her face and a smirk curled the corner of his mouth.

She could feel him studying her, she could feel him notice that she couldn’t stop staring at his lips …

“What would happen if … if I’d fiercely kiss you right now?” he tested, not smiling anymore, he was dead serious and it scared her a bit, it scared her how much she wanted it.

“Well…” she started, thinking she couldn’t get redder than this “I don’t have my gun.” A joke, in an attempt to keep her mind straight, but it didn’t work that well. “Not that it would do anything to you.” She clamped her mouth and eyes shut as soon as the words left her. ‘Great job, Jo. You just couldn’t keep your mouth shut for one more minute.’ The moment was gone, she felt Henry get really stiff and when she opened her eyes the petrified look he gave her made her cringe and purse her lips. She sat, and somehow managed to drag herself near the nightstand. Jo fumbled with some papers from one of the drawers and retrieved one of them, then turned towards Henry that had still not moved yet and gestured him to join her. He reluctantly sat up, and did exactly as she asked, he could feel his entire body shake, not knowing how to react. Jo handed the paper to Henry. It was Abe’s birth certificate.

“Abe’s parents were Abigail and … Henry Morgan.” a pause “How old are you Henry?”

He furrowed his brows. Jo was a smart woman, he knew that, but he didn’t expect her to find out this way. She knew … but her reaction, it wasn’t even remotely close to what he imagined, so he had no idea what to do, or say, so he settled to answer her question “Two hundred and thirty five.”

“And you don’t die …”she continued carefully.

“I do die. I just … don’t stay dead. I always come back.”

“Always?” Jo was almost hopeful, he didn’t die … she couldn’t lose him…


A wave of pain thundered through Jo’s body, and a few flashes of what happened the night before came back to her. “I lost everyone I ever loved, and I will continue to do so. I will stay and watch everyone fade and die … while I remain the same – unchanged, unaltered…undead.”

“Jo, are you alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just dizzy.” she lied, placing a hand on her forehead.

“I’m glad you know.” he finally let out, genuinely looking relieved. A slight smile back on his lips.

“This still doesn’t give you permission to step in front of a bullet or a speeding car.” Jo warned, but she was smiling, and Henry gave her a guilty grin.

“I wanted to tell you. So many times … I just couldn’t. Not that I didn’t trust you …”

“I know.” she cut him off. “And I understand.” She was looking at his lips again. “Look … I can’t promise you that I’ll be her forever. I can’t. But … I’m here now.” and if she wanted to say something else it was left unspoken as his lips crushed on hers. It was all he needed, her acceptance and no promises. Their hearts menaced to break out of their chest. Her arms went around him and slid under his shirt, his embrace enveloped her, his right hand hooked into her brown hair. And then … the door-bell rang. Henry almost broke the kiss but Jo whispered against his mouth “Don’t you dare.”, and he didn’t, his mouth firmly pressed against hers once again. All this waiting made their hunger for each other insatiable, their passion untamable. He kissed her like her lips were air – and he couldn’t breathe. Jo’s hands slid over his naked skin and he felt like he would spontaneously combust only by the intensity of their blaze.

When they broke the kiss it was only because their bodies needed air, Jo placed her forehead on her partner’s shoulder, trying to capture as much of his smell to last her an eternity, while he placed small kisses on her neck, enjoying how goosebumps covered her skin every time his lips touched her. The doorbell was still ringing, and the person behind the door was getting impatient and insistent. “JO! ARE YOU THERE?” the voice of Detective Hanson broke through the medley of noises.

“I should go answer.” Jo whispered but she didn’t move an inch.

“I’ll go.” Henry offered and pressed a gentle kiss on her lips when he got up. He was still dizzy, but felt a lot better now.

Hanson was just about to try and break the door when he heard the latch being opened. ‘Thank God, she’s ok.’ he thought but the face that greeted him from behind the door wasn’t Jo’s.

“Doctor Morgan?” Hanson asked at first wide-eyed in surprise, but then he shot Henry a death glare. It was then when Henry realized the state of his attire, his unbuttoned shirt, messy hair and he was pretty sure he was still flushed. He could just imagine how this looked to Hanson, and he knew how much the man cared about Jo. “What are you doing here, doc?”

The immortal man has never been more embarrassed, he bit his lip and tried to gather an explanation as he invited the detective in.

“Uh … I’m pretty sure I’m interrupting something.” Hanson hesitated.

“We were drugged.” the doctor blurted out and he mentally slapped himself, so much for getting a grip. “Jo’s in the bedroom. She can’t walk, she’s still dizzy. And this is only one of the side-effects of scopolamine, thankfully we weren’t overdosed. The man who did it, certainly knew what he was doing.”

“Alright. You guys gave us quite the fright.” the detective spoke as he finally stepped into the apartment. “Hey Jo!” he greeted, as he entered the bedroom.

“Hey, Mike.”

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Better now.” she confirmed.

“You’ve been missing since yesterday. I tried calling you, but your phone is off. We went to the suspect’s house but there was no one there, so we assumed he kidnapped you.”

“We have no idea what happened, and who did it. Or how we got here.”

As they talked Henry took the opportunity to find a bathroom and make himself presentable. When he stepped in front of the mirror, he realized just how ravaged he looked. But there was something else … his eyes were gleaming. She knows … he felt his legs shake at the memory of the kiss they shared, he could feel her love and longing, mirroring his. He splashed some water on his face. This was not the moment to let his mind wander. He was convinced Hanson would not hesitate to shoot him if he felt Jo was in any kind of danger, be it physical or emotional.

Henry took a minute to button up his shirt and tuck it in his pants, before stopping in the kitchen to get a glass of water for Jo. When he returned to the room, Detective Hanson was about to leave.

“Doc, I’ll leave her to you. Do you need anything?”

“No, we’ll be fine. I’ll call Abe and ask him to bring us something to eat, and my med kit.” the immortal man answered passing the glass of water to Jo.

“Ok. I’ll head out then. Take some sick days to recover, I’ll speak to Lieutenant Reece, tell her you’re ok.” with that Mike Hanson was on his way out followed by Henry. Before closing the door behind him, he stopped and looked at the doctor.

“Take care of her.”

“Of course.” Henry nodded, and he didn’t know if Hanson meant more than he said, but it was soon clarified.

“You’re a good guy, doc. But … if you hurt her … I’ll shoot you.” Hanson said in a dead serious tone, and Henry settled to smile nervously.

“HENRY!” Jo’s voice broke the awkward silence. “I THINK YOU SHOULD CALL ABE! THERE’S LIKE 20 MISSED CALLS FROM HIM.”

After Hanson left, Henry returned to the bedroom to call Abe.

“Hello, Abraham.” he spoke when he heard his son answer.

“Henry? Thank God! I was worried sick. What happened? Where the hell are you?” Abraham’s voice resonated through the phone’s receiver.

“I’m at Jo’s.” Henry replied.

A moment of silence followed.

“Wait … what?” Abe asked as if he hadn’t heard it correctly.

“We were drugged while interrogating a suspect.”

“Oh … And you spent the night there?” his son sounded a bit too excited.

“Abraham!” Henry was revolted, even though he knew his son’s suspicions weren’t groundless.

“Did you?” he insisted, and Henry was getting mildly irritated.

“Yes … I did.” and he realized his voice sounded a bit too exasperated, and a tad guilty.

“Good. Very good. Please tell me where to get that drug, I think you should take it more often.” Abe giggled, he knew his father too well not to notice the hint of joy in his voice, one he hasn’t heard since his mom left, that little nuance that confirmed his suspicions that something happened. Finally.

“I give up. You’re incorrigible.” the immortal man sighed, “Putting this aside, could you come get me, and also bring some food and my med kit?”

“Sure thing, pops. See you in half-hour.”



A/N: There’s another chapter that I want to write, one in which Jo actually sees him die … and some other thingy I was thinking of playing with.

As always thank you for reading, and feedback is greatly appreciated (constructive one included, not bitching…constructive.).


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