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A/N: This chapter is why this story is rated T. There’s going to be blood. I wanted this to be the last chapter but apparently there will be a sixth one.

I’m so sorry for updating this story so late, but real life is really demanding lately.

I want to thank everybody that read this story! You guys are the best. THANK YOU!


Chapter V

Run boy, run


They had a bit of time to talk before Abe would arrive. Jo’s hand slid over Henry’s chest, her fingers slowly tracing the scar that laid there.

“First death.” Henry clarified. “1814, aboard ‘The Empress of Africa’.” Jo’s eyes widened with realization. “As I have told you before I was shot. I was shot trying to save an innocent man’s life.”

“The grey eyed man …” she whispered.

“I beg your pardon?” Henry inquired. How did she know that?

“You don’t remember do you?” she asked and when he just stared at her she continued “Last night … the man that drugged us. You knew him.”

A flash of pain made his temples explode. His vision blurred, and he could hear Jo’s voice calling his name, it was muffled like he was underwater. He was slowly losing his focus and grip on reality, the blurred image in front of him turned into a vortex and Henry felt as if he was drawn in by it. He tried to blink to make it go away but the pain only intensified. His heart was going nuts, contract – stop for a few seconds –expand, then again, contract – stop – expand; And that vortex, reaching for him, for that thing was reaching for him even if it had no hands to grab, resistance was futile, he could feel himself slip although he tried so hard to focus on touch of Jo on his cheek. He could hear her cry, was he dying? Contract – stop – expand; ‘Not now, please, not now.’ Contract – stop – expand; for the first time in decades … he wished he wouldn’t die. Contract – stop … the vortex claimed him, darkness.

Jo saw Henry’s face contort in pain. His hand flew to his temple, she recognized it as the same thing that happened to her earlier, only it looked like it was a lot more intense for him. “Henry.” She began to panic when he didn’t seem to recover. His eyes went wide and stared at the void, panting and writhing. It went on for an eternity, or it felt like it, Jo didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t risk calling 911, if he … died, she risked exposing his secret, but he looked in so much pain, and he didn’t respond to any stimuli. She sobbed, as she placed her hand on his cheek, in an attempt to calm him and bring him back from wherever his mind was lost. She wondered if it was the drug doing this. Then he suddenly stopped moving…

His body slumped, but his eyes remained open. Tears washed Jo’s pale face, she placed her trembling hand on his neck so she could check for a pulse … it was there, weak, but it was there. She could do nothing but wait, until a knock on the door shook her out of her trance.

“Come in!” she shouted, not wanting to leave Henry’s side.

“Hey, kid. I brought …” Abe started but stopped abruptly when his eyes met her teary ones. His gaze descended to see his dad sprawled on the floor, eyes wide open but looking at nothing. “What happened?” Abe asked carefully.

“I don’t know. We were talking … and all of a sudden this happens.” Jo managed to mutter. “I think he’s catatonic.” Another pause “I don’t know what to do Abe.”

Abe’s face softened as he knelt besides them. He could see Jo was scared for his father’s life, honestly he was scared now too. And while they both knew he couldn’t die Henry’s current state was worrying, to say the least. Abraham saw Jo looking at him as if she had the worst revelation.



“Last night … Henry and I met a man.”

“The one that drugged you?”

“Yes. He was the one that killed Lewis Fa… Adam. And also … the one that made Henry immortal.”

“What are you saying?”

“What if …” her breath hitched and felt her eyes water again. “What if he’s killing him?”

Abe was speechless. He wanted to say something to comfort her, but the words didn’t come out, so instead he took her hand and squeezed it.


He was falling … endlessly falling. A scream escaped his throat but it didn’t propagate, there was only void. Then from that void streaks of light emerged, sound and images followed. He could see flashes of his past. It is said that before you die you can see your entire life, so was he really dying? He couldn’t hear or feel Jo anymore. All he could feel was fear. And then like an avalanche, all the memories from last night came back to him.

With a breath he sat upright as if he woke up from a long and awful dream. He looked around only to see Jo peek into the room and abruptly stop. “Henry…” she whispered with a small smile tugging at her lips.

Henry looked around, he was still in Jo’s apartment but he was laid on the bed. “How long have I been out?”, he asked with a raspy voice.

“Two hours. Are you ok?”, she asked as she sat on the edge of the bed. He propped himself on his elbows to be able to look at her. The pain has subsided, but he was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that was poured over him during his shut down. He had to think about that. There was a snippet at the end, after the drugging took place, which raised a few questions.

“I am now.”

Jo’s phone began to ring loudly, it was Hanson.

“Yes?”, she answered.

Henry could not wrap his head around what just happened, and especially around what the grey-eyed man said. “I won’t make it go away, Henry. But I’ll make it easier for you.” What did he mean by that?

“Henry?”, Jo broke him out of his reverie, and he turned his attention towards her. “We have a murder. It’s Lieutenant Reece’s niece.”

“We should go, then.”

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked and Henry could feel the concern texturing her voice.

“Yes. Memories came back, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more I can remember.”, he smiled and traced the edge of her jaw with his fingers.




Later that day, Henry finished examining the body, and he gave Jo the verdict … accidental murder. The victim probably fought with the killer, was pushed her head colliding with a table while she fell. Jo called the Lieutenant, but Joanna preferred to hear it in person so she announced she will join them.

Just as she got out of the elevator, Joanna Reece, accompanied by Detective Hanson, witnessed a murder. One she never thought she’d ever have to see.

Behind the glass doors of the morgue, dr. Morgan was trying to convince a young male to leave the room, but the boy was insistent, and tried to get past him several times. The doctor then turned to Detective Martinez and shouted: “Jo, get your handcuffs, this is our ki…”, but he did not manage to finish his sentence. Then everything went in slow-motion. Pierce and drag. Flowers of crimson decorating a white gown. The young man fled and Hanson ran after him.

Joanna rushed towards the morgue.

Henry was holding onto his bowels, afraid they might spill up, he slowly laid himself on the ground by gliding on the glass wall, leaving a bloody trail behind him.

Jo and Lieutenant Reece crouched next to him.

Henry tried to reply but the only thing that came out was blood.

Lucas that has just entered the room dropped his coffee on the floor.

“Dr. Morgan…boss?”

“Jo …” Henry finally managed to mutter between gurgles. “Call Abe. I’ll be fine.”

“What the hell are you talking about? We need to call an ambulance. Whall, stop staring like an idiot and grab a phone!” Reece yelled.

“Sorry … yes. I … I’ll do that.” Lucas mumbled.

Henry grabbed Joanna’s arm to get her attention.

“Lieutenant…” he started and swallowed. “I won’t make it.”

“What the hell happened?”, Hanson rushed into the morgue. “Oh my God. Doc… Is he dying? ” his voice faltered.

“I’ve been disembowelled. All my organs have been severed and …” he heaved “…and, I will go into shock soon. But other than that, I’m just fine.” he smirked before his face contorted in pain.

“Now you try to be funny, Doc? Why don’t we try it again when you’re not bleeding to death.”, Mike tried but his sarcasm faded.

“Will do, Detective.”

Then he turned his attention towards Jo, her face wet with tears. She knew, but that didn’t make it easier. He caressed her face, and she nodded her head.

“I’ll call Abe. I don’t know what to do …”, she whispered, trying not to focus on his laboured breath “What about them?”

“Do as you … feel it’s right. I trust you.” his eyes rolled backwards and he spouted a big lump of blood.

His world already began to blur.

“Henry!”, Jo’s voice resounded like a distant echo. “Henry, please talk to me.” He could hear the slight tremble in her voice. “Henry, please …” His hands went limp and his intestines rolled outside since there was nothing to hold them. Jo’s silent tear shed turned to a heart-breaking sob, and Reece squeezed her eyes shut.

A flash of light and Lucas dropped the phone, his mouth hanging open, while his brain tried to make sense of what just happened. Jo sat up, wiping her tears with the sleeve of her shirt, she needed to stay calm and hope Henry was indeed immortal. The other two just kept looking at the empty space where Henry’s body was a few seconds ago.

“What the hell just happened?”, Hanson finally asked.

“Henry died.”, Jo answered but everyone kept staring at her waiting for an explanation for the disappearing act. “He … I’ll explain everything but I have to call Abe first.”




  • Ken_H
    October 19, 2015, 9:39 pm  Reply

    The gray-eyed man sure did make it easier on Henry, having all those close to him witness his death and disappearance.
    And in the next chapter (I hope) having them all find out his secret at once.
    I really like the different directions you’ve gone in both this one and in “No Tomorrow”,
    each with their own gripping style and you’ve got me hooked on them both!

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