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Trying my hand at something, please read this little preview and tell me if it’s any good, if you’d like to read more or not, and why. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Thomas found himself on the dock for the first time since the war started. The breeze was cold and damp and he could feel it to the bone, but his lungs were grateful, so he decided to stay for a while. He missed this place, not the silence or loneliness – there was plenty of that now – it was the calmness and the salty and slightly fresher air. And perhaps the memories …

He’s the only survivor in the area, the only sane one actually, there were others – the crazies as he called them – that were roaming the streets, always circling one pile or another. The memories kept pulling them back there, that’s why they got insane in the first place.

The wind was getting more aggressive so Tom pulled his coat a bit tighter around himself. The sky grew darker and heavier, and it looked like it should rain anytime now, only … it never rained. It was mist that covered the sky, it was mist that covered everything, and Thomas was glad about it. The last time everybody expected rain it was only the clouds that came, and with them the end of the world. They brought something bad, and the streets that once crawled with people, now crawled with the heavy stench of death and decay.

He used to think the war was bad, but he realized he was actually glad his wife and daughter were taken from him then. At least it was a human that did it, he could deal with a human, but the clouds? No one knew what they were or what they brought, or why. And it happened so fast no one had time to do anything about it. How could anyone deal with that? So he understood the crazies, no man would stay sane after seeing all their loved ones die horrible deaths, seeing almost everyone die at the same time… Because the clouds took almost everyone. The carcasses of those deceased now stood tall as a kind of monstrous totems made of rotten meat. The piles. Tens of meters tall and scattered as far as the eye could see.

It was dreadful, and Thomas asked himself: why wasn’t he one of the people in the piles, why did he survive when he had nothing to live for, and the others died? Someone out there must be playing one hell of a messed up game on humanity.

So here he was, alone, waiting to die, only there was nothing to kill him. The crazies were not dangerous, there was enough food to last him a million years since there was no one to loot, the clouds didn’t seem to return, and the only real danger was the nauseating smell. But the growls in the distance sent shivers down his spine. There was something about those guttural sounds, something that wasn’t human … and he couldn’t even imagine what type of being could possibly make that type of noise.

“They’re coming, you know …”

Thomas woke up from the reverie, the female voice taking him by surprise. It was so long since he last heard a coherent human voice address him, one that was not blabbering bullshit. The shock was so strong at first that he just stared at the poor woman as if he has never seen a human being before.

“Wha … what?” he managed to mumble. “Who’s coming?”

A growl filled the sky, and he could feel the hair on his hands stand straight, this one was louder than any he had heard before, making him realize what she was talking about. These … things were coming …

“Is it bad?” he asked.

“Very … ”

Her reply was so blunt and sincere it made him shiver, he turned his head towards the horizon thinking. For a while they just sat there in silence, looking at the small ripples wrinkling the water’s smooth surface.


END of Prologue


So this is it. Thank you for reading!

What do you think? Is it any good? Does it make you curious, does it make you want to read more?

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  • Ken_H
    October 28, 2015, 11:44 pm  Reply

    You got me hooked.
    Very well done – It sets the scene, makes me want to know more and does so rather succinctly.

  • October 29, 2015, 11:45 am  Reply

    I’m curious about the sound and what is making the sound.

  • Cornelia Alexoi
    October 30, 2015, 1:00 pm  Reply

    I liked very much what I read here and I would like, of course, to see the continuation. Congratulations!

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