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This is a disclaimer … not really, it’s just my excuse to why I haven’t been on twitter lately.


Hey guys, long time no see!

I’m really sorry for that but … as some of you might know, I had my degree exam this summer – exam which I failed:angry: by Ser1x due to circumstances that you probably know, if not you can ask me why, I don’t mind.

The short-film that they failed me for is now -ironically- an official selection of the university’s festival … 8B :icon8buckplz: by blunaowl Funny, right?

Because I failed it I have to retake the exam in February next year which means I have to make a new short-film and that is a bit demanding as I have to write a new script, find actors, locations, etc.

I wish I could go on supporting Forever, but after almost 9 months of doing it, I really hope you can forgive me if I take a break to solve my problems. (pretty please? :puppy-eyes: by crula) … I will however, from time to time, retweet and maybe even participate in some events, but I can’t promise to be present all the time. I will launch the SaveForever platform in the following weeks, I promise!

See you guys soon, and #SaveForever!




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