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This is the only fan-fiction that I started writing of the Superman Universe, I began publishing it a few years ago but never 
finished it...maybe one day. I'm a fan of Superman Returns, in my opinion it was great in ways that Man of Steel will never be.
Even if it's not action packed. I might write a blog post about that if you're interested in my arguments, but long story short: 
story & character driven vs special effects and throwing punches.
This is my take on Superman: Doomsday as a sequel of Superman Returns, inspired by the 2007 cartoon with the same name. 
If you know anything about Doomsday...then you know what's coming. I'm sorry. :(



Somewhere above Earth’s atmosphere Superman floated, his heart filled with happiness and contentment.
“Clark, the universe is a big place. And you don’t know who’s out there. And even if you are the last… you’re not alone.” (Superman Returns)
His mother has been right, he wasn’t alone … not anymore … he had a son. He and Lois had a son, and for that moment nothing else mattered.

– S – S – S –

Two days passed since Superman found out he had a son, and things weren’t getting any better, neither for Superman or Clark Kent. He was slowly but surely crumbling on the inside … and no one will ever know. His son was raised by another man, the love of his life was marrying another man, he was being replaced by another man, but nothing made it hurt so bad as the fact that it was only his fault and that there was no way to change it. He will suffer so that others don’t, he will continue to save the world … and watch over his family from afar. And with that thought Clark Kent entered the bullpen, oversized glasses to hide his identity and silly grin to hide his pain.

‘NEW KRYPTON IN GONE!’, was the main headline today on all news channels. On one of the screens the news clerk announced happily: ‘Just a few moments ago the land-mass just collided with an asteroid and shattered … ’, Clark’s eyes wandered to the screen for several seconds just before he threw a look towards Lois’ office only to see an empty seat. She was probably busy with wedding preparations. Lois finally accepted Richard’s proposal, and it came as a shock for everyone. Truth be told it was a shock for her too, but she convinced herself it was the right thing to do. And Clark tried to do the same thing, but it was painful. Tears stung his eyes every time he thought about it. ‘Calm down, Kent. It’s the only way to protect them.’, he scolded himself as he proceeded to his desk. He only spaced out for a second but it was enough to send Lois Lane crashing to the ground. Bumping into things and people wasn’t an unusual thing for Clark Kent, but he usually did it on purpose and careful not to hurt anyone. But today, while he didn’t move a millimeter, Lois was sprawled across the floor.
“Lois! Gosh, I-I-I’m so sorry!”, he apologized helping her up. Lois looked at him with a bit shocked but as soon as she was on her feet she hurried to be on her way, she jus pretended nothing has happened.
“It’s ok, Kent. I wasn’t paying much attention myself.”, she said before she sat back at her office. Lois Lane was apologizing to him? Something was wrong.
“Lois, i-is everything ok?”, he asked cautiously.
“I’m fine. Just a bit tired.”, she lied. And they both knew that she did, but it wasn’t the right moment to ask further questions, someone needed Superman.

– S – S – S –

In a dark room, illuminated only by the light of a TV screen, a man was staring at the monitor in front of him. His eyes followed the image of Superman portrayed by the evening news, blue flecks of light rounded around his wrinkles, deepening the angered expression on his face as he began to speak to himself.

“Just look at him, so sleek, so powerful, so… beautiful, like some great golden god made flesh. Of course, any sensible god would demand absolute obedience in return for his favor. But, no, our Man of Steel protects us, and keeps us with no strings attached. The people? Hmph. They practically worship him anyway. Enjoy your reign while you may, Superman. For surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even gods must die.” (Superman: Doomsday)

A tall blonde woman entered the room.
“Mister Luthor, project Applecore has hit the mother lode.”
And in the dark, Lex Luthor just smiled.


“So, do you have any idea what it is?”, Luthor asked in a mocking way looking at the computer screens showing a live transmission of the Applecore excavation site.
“Seems to be a spaceship.”, the face on one of the screens replied.
“Last spaceship brought us Superman.”, Luthor’s blond assistant replied. He preferred her so much over Kitty. He got rid of the ‘burden’ as soon as he had the chance. He was so tired of being surrounded by fools and incompetents. He wanted to take over the world; he needed people capable of helping him get Superman out of the way of his plans.
“This time whatever it is in that thin can will belong to me, lock, stock and barrel.”

– S – S – S –

After another spectacular intervention, Clark Kent returned to the Daily Planet. He was distracted and he was tired. No, he was exhausted, and even though he didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t yet fully recovered after the kryptonite island stunt. He suspected there were still pieces of the green radioactive crystal streaming through his veins, since he felt so weak and his powers almost gave up on him, a moment ago, while he was helping a woman get out of one of the collapsing buildings. Clark closed his eyes for a second.
“Lane! Kent! In my office, NOW!”, Perry White yelled. Clark’s eyes snapped open, silently complying with their boss’ demand.
“Sit down.”, he urged them. “Lois, how’s the article coming along?”
Lois shrugged. She didn’t get past the title, the events of the last two days made it difficult for her to concentrate.
“Ok then. Kent, help Lois finish it.”, Perry instructed, and Clark shot a scared glance in Lois’ direction who looked like she was scalded in hot water,
“Wait, what?”, she shot at her boss, “I work alone, and you know that.”
“Lane, what makes you think I care? You should’ve finished that article yesterday, and you didn’t. In addition, from what I remember you two used to be the best team this newspaper had. So stop complaining, one Pulitzer doesn’t make you a super-star.”, the editor-in-chief argued, making Lois groan and leave the office, slamming the door behind her.
“Welcome back, Kent! Hope you missed this.”
Clark gulped; he somehow managed to shrink himself in the chair so that he looked two times smaller that he usually was.
“Why are you still here? Take Lois and get to work.”
Clark rose but the chair refused to let go and it clutched to his backside for a couple of seconds. Perry struggled not to laugh, but it was too damn hard with Kent around.
“I’m on it, Chief.”, Clark smiled as he exited the office.
“Stop calling me Chief!”, he yelled before shaking his head.
As he sat back into his chair, a serene smile settled on his face. ‘You had me fooled for so many years, Kent. I should be ashamed.’

– S – S – S –

“Smallville, move your ass here!”
“Ju-Just a minute, Lois.”, he answered.
“Now!”, she yelled. Richard looked at Clark who seemed to put away whatever he was doing to comply with Lois’ demand. He tripped on his way to her desk, almost falling to his nose, making Richard stifle a laugh, but Lois threw him a warning glare. Richard was starting to ask himself how could he ever imagine Clark and Superman were the same person, Clark was such a klutz. It was a miracle he was still alive, that he didn’t trip in front of a car or something.
“Come on kiddo, let’s go home, mommy and Mr. Clark have work to do.”, he said pushing the child towards his mother. Jason kissed Lois, and just as Richard bowed to grab his suitcase the boy jumped in Clark’s arms and gave him a peck.
“Goodbye Mr. Clark.”, he said with a secretive voice. Lois and Richard looked at each-other, surprise etched on their faces, neither understanding what just happened, then they looked at Clark, whose mouth was hanging open, clearly looking just as shocked as the other two adults.
“Come on, daddy.”, Jason called from the entrance door.

The sun has set a long time ago, but in the bullpen of Metropolis’ best newspaper the lights were still on as two people were working hard to get their article done.
“How does it feel to be back?”, Lois asked, making Clark jump from his chair.
“Umm, uh … I don’t know.”, he answered awkwardly pushing his glasses up his nose, “A lot of things changed.”
“I guess you’re right. Still, you are the one who went soul-searching and returned being the same farm boy.”, she teased.
“And Mad Dog Lane is a mommy, who would have thought that?”, he replied with an oh so Clarkish grin plastered to his face.
“Wipe that grin off, Smallville.”, she argued trying to look serious, but the small curve in the corner of her mouth betrayed her. “It’s not as bad as I thought.”, she added sincerely.
“Swell.”, he answered and Lois began to laugh whole-heartedly.
“I really missed you, Smallville.”, she said without thinking too much about and an awkward silence settled between the two. She missed him? Clark Kent, not Superman? Now that was unexpected.
“So, how … how are wedding preparations going?”, Clark asked trying to keep the conversation going, but the question only seemed to make matters worse. Lois didn’t look too happy to talk about it.
“There isn’t going to be any wedding.”, she replied after what seemed to be an eternity, raising her head only to see Clark staring quizzically at her. “Richard broke up with me.”
“What?”, he blurted out, “Why?”
“I told him that Jason isn’t his.”
Clark continued to stare at her in shock, his mouth slightly open.
“And you told him who the father is?”, he asked cautiously, he was worried that Richard, despite being a good man, would not be able to keep such a secret.
“No.”, she answered. He closed his eyes, relief overwhelming him. He quickly recovered and asked, clearing his throat:
“Who is Jason’s father, Lois?”
She gulped the knot that menaced to choke her. “Superman…”, she answered expecting him to react badly, just as anyone would, to yell at her, to ask her why she lied to Richard … but Clark Kent was Clark Kent, her best friend, he never judged her.
“Him again, huh? Gee, I guess the competition is always one step in front of me.”, he sighed trying to act defeated, Lois could not suppress her laugh. She did miss this man and his infectious cheerfulness a lot. She was happy he was the same Clark Kent as 5 years ago, even his crush on her was still there.

– S – S – S –

The fire engulfed the warehouse, and the firefighters had lost control of it. The flames were tall and relentless, dancing in the air with a morbid beauty. From inside the sound of screams mingled with the crackling of the fire in a ghastly imitation of what Hell would sound like. There were still people trapped inside, and the firemen could not get them out. When Superman arrived at the scene everybody breathed a sigh of relief, Superman came to save the day. He tried to extinguish it but his breath only fed the flames making them rise with even bigger fervor.

Back at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane inadvertently looked at one of the TV screens in the bullpen catching a glimpse of the Man of Steel as he rushed to save the people inside. He wasn’t feeling well, she noticed. And with every rescue he was growing wearier. When he returned inside to see if anyone else was left inside and … Lois watched in terror how he barely got out before the building exploded. In the end he saved the day as usual, but he left without even looking back or flashing his trademark grin.

– S – S – S –

Clark arrived late for work that day. He knew he should have stayed at home and rested instead of jumping into flames, but he couldn’t have let those people burn alive. He sat down at his computer and began writing an article about the fire, some good had to come out of the whole thing. Out of the blue his head began spinning and he had to stop writing, he caught his head in his hands and closed his eyes in an attempt to suppress the vertigo. When he opened them again he was greeted by two blue eyes staring curiously at him.

“Are you alright, Mr. Clark? You look sick.”

“Jason? Y-Yes, I’m fine. I’m fine. Just a bit dizzy, that’s all. I’m sure I’ll be ok soon.”

“Is it from the green stone that mommy got out of your back? It made me dizzy too when the bald man waved it in front of me…” Jason rambled and Clark’s jaw dropped. He just sat there with his mouth slightly agape, not knowing what to say … the kid saw right through his disguise. ‘I guess kids don’t judge you by the way you look or behave.’ he thought in wonder.

“There you are, munchkin… Clark, are you alright?” Lois’ voice shook him out of it. Her hand went to his forehead. “My God, Clark, you’re burning.”, she exclaimed as she retracted her hand.

“I’m fine, Lois.”, he said trying to get up but a wave of nausea hit him and he had to sit back down.

“The hell you are. I’m taking you home. Come on, Smallville, take a hold of yourself!” she instructed as she put his hand over her shoulders. “Perry! I’m taking Clark home. Richard! Take care of Jason till I come back.”

“Do you need any help?” Richard asked from the other side of the bullpen.

“No, I can handle it. Just take care of Jason.”

– S – S – S –

The mining team was slowly digging around the red container while Lex Luthor stared intently at the computer screens. Things were progressing well until someone slipped; the tool he held hit the giant metal sphere, white gas began to pour out of it as it depressurized.
“We have a puncture.”, one of the women on site announced. A loud sound made everyone back away a few steps, the image on Luthor’s screens was interrupted by static for a few seconds before the hologram of an alien being begun to speak an unknown language. “What the heck does it say?”, several voices asked.
“It’s a warning.”, Lex told the woman responsible with the Applecore project. Not long after that the red container was shattered into million pieces killing some of the workers that were closer to it, from behind the curtain of white gas that filled the alien sphere a ten foot tall beast emerged. White bone thorns grew out of its dark grey concrete like skin giving an even deadlier look to this horrible monster. The red eyes focused on the mining crew, the monster grabbed one man by the head and crushed him against a rock, warm blood scattered from the impact. Screams filled the air like smoke fills a closed jar. One by one the mining crew was massacred; this beast’s sole purpose was seemingly to kill anything that it encountered.
Luthor kept watching the screens, with growing interest, unmoved by the blood spill happening right in front of him.
“If an alien race possessed the technology to trap that thing and use Earth as a personal toilet, they did so for one reason…They couldn’t kill it.”


— SECTION TO BE REWRITTEN — New Route: Lois drags Kent around and yells at him. Later to have a little heartwarming moment, when Clark makes Lois laugh and she hugs him. Richard sees them and starts questioning their relationship.
“Lois? A-Are you alright?”, she heard the calm soothing voice of her best friend. The only one that was always there for her, even though she pushed him around like he didn’t matter, even though she pretended not to care when he left and came back, truth was that she cared for him more than she would like to admit. Clark had been her door mat for years, he was happy just to have her around. She raised her teary eyes to look at him; behind the coke bottle glasses she met his worried azure gaze. He knelt beside her, his eyes still keeping hers.
“What happened?”
“I feel so alone, Clark.”, she answered, barely audible.
“Where’s Lois Lane, and what have you done with her?”, he said with a serious tone but a subtle smile played on his lips, she looked at him puzzled, she would’ve laughed but something about his smile made her stop and ask herself why it looked so familiar.
“Lois?”, she heard again and pulled herself out of the reverie.
“I’m sorry, Clark. I think I’m not very perceptible to jokes today.”, Lois excused herself and he gave her an understanding nod. “I just have this horrible feeling that nobody wants me.”
Clark just stared at her, his heart almost begging him to scream ‘I want you!’, but that would’ve been too awkward even for him.
“Have you ever felt alone?”, she asked before thinking.
“Yes.”, he sincerely answered, and in his eyes she could read that it was true. Suddenly she felt guilty for asking, she knew Clark has always been a lonely guy, but before she could apologize he continued, “But someone very wise told me, in one of my weakest moments, that I’m not, and I soon came to realize that she was right.”, this simple statement brought back her smile, like a medicine that takes your pain away within seconds.
“I’m happy to have you around, Smallville.”, Lois grinned back at him, he stared at her for a second, wondering if she realized what she just said, but when then he replied:
“Always here to be your door mat, Miss Lane.”, Lois swatted him, he pretended to be hurt and they both laughed. “Now, now Lois, you know that’s true.”
“Stop complaining so much, farmboy, and go grab me a coffee.”
“That’s the Lois I know.”, he pointed flashing one of his famous goofy grins.
After he left to get her coffee, Lois sighed, releasing a heavy breath, ‘What are you doing Lane? Are you falling for Kent now?’, she mentally kicked herself. But she was perfectly aware that Clark was the only man in this world who would be there for her despite her ignorance, and the hell she put him through. Before she could finish thinking the smell of fresh coffee invaded her nostrils, informing her that Clark was back.
How much simpler things would’ve been if she would’ve fallen for him from the beginning too. In that moment, for the first time in her life, she wished that Clark Kent was Superman, because she was falling for Clark, and there was no way she could stop it.

– S – S – S –

— SECTION TO BE REWRITTEN — Richard still talks to Perry, but Perry tries to brush him off, not telling him more than everyone already knows, Clark and Lois have always been friends, Lois always treated him like a carpet even though he had a crush on her, she had him in a deep friendzone, probably Clark left because of that.
Richard noticed how well Lois and Clark clicked. They did make a great team, he had to admit, but he knew Lois never accepted a partner and he couldn’t help but wonder how she never complained about Clark. Was it more to this man than he gave him credit? Since “Lois and Clark” team was back together, the Daily Planet seemed to wake from a long slumber; it was like a big family that has been reunited. And Lois, well Lois looked like she got her right eye back. Suddenly Richard began to think he wasn’t losing Lois over to Superman … but to the bumbling reporter, Clark Kent. He had to know what was their relationship 5 years ago, and he knew exactly who to ask.


“How are you, son?”, Perry asked his nephew, a tint of concern coloring his voice.
“Could be better, but I’m handling it well. I guess I expected it to happen for some time now.”, Richard sounded defeated but somehow relieved.
Perry raised a brow and asked, “You did?”
“Yeah. Even though she wouldn’t admit it if her life depended on it, Lois always hoped he would return.”
Silence stretched for a while between the two men.
“We all hoped he would return.”, the older man admitted, breaking the awkward silence. Richard’s head dropped, because even he hoped that.

—– [.]
“And Kent?”, Richard suddenly asked.
“Kent? What about him?”
“I think 5 years ago, Lois and Clark were more than just partners.”, at Richard’s statement Perry’s eyes widened in shock.

—– [.]

“Still, I don’t –“, he paused, then continued, “- I don’t understand why he left. He loves Lois … I could see it in his eyes. Why – why would he leave the woman he loved, mostly if she returned that love? My mind cannot put the pieces together and it bugs me … “
“Maybe there’s more to the story.”, the old reported offered.
“Maybe, but Lois won’t tell me anything. I realize now how many thing she kept from me. By the way, what’s the story between her and Kent? I heard they were partners, but Lois never mentioned his name.”
Perry White sighed. It was hard to talk about Kent know that he knew who he was, but even so he started his story.
“Kent was always the invisible, clumsy guy around here, no one ever talked about him – well, except for Jimmy, that boy admires him – but even so he was the only partner Lois ever accepted …”, he stopped and chuckled a bit at the memory, “… after a while. He put up with whatever Lois threw at him, and never complained. One day, he decided to leave, take a long vacation to clear his mind, find himself.”, Richard looked at his uncle with high interest, you could say just by the way he told his stories that Perry White was a fantastic reporter. “I suspect he left for a different reason. You see, Clark had a crush on Lois since the very beginning, but she only had eyes for Superman. He probably realized she would never be interested in him so he chose to get out of the way. Not long after that Superman disappeared too. Lois was heartbroken … and there was no one there for her. Her support, her best friend was on a vacation in some far-flung place with no way to contact him.”
Who would have thought that Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the most different people on the face of the Earth, used to be friends?
“I’m starting to suspect that Lois wouldn’t have suffered so much if Kent wouldn’t have left. She lost the two most important people of her life almost at the same time. I guess that’s why she never talked about Kent.”
“She was upset he wasn’t there for her.”, Richard concluded.
“No…”, the older reporter sighed, “she was upset he wasn’t there.”
Perry White was a fantastic reporter, because that was true, everything was true, even though there was one piece missing from the puzzle, the same one that was bugging Richard: Why did Superman decide to leave?
“Honestly I feel sorry for the kid, he just wanted to stay out of the way and he’s still being blamed for everything.”, both men looked towards Clark who was holding his head between his hands, and Perry silently asked himself if he could hear them, but Clark was lost deep in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear a thing.
He had to talk to Lois, tell her the truth … or at least why he left. She deserved to know how their son was conceived, and why she doesn’t remember. ‘This is going to be a long night.’, his mind whispered and he sighed rubbing his eyes.

CHAPTER 3: Doomsday

— SECTION TO BE WRITTEN — Lois asks Clark to take care of Jason over the weekend, because Richard is moving out of the house and she doesn’t want the kid to be there. Clark tells her he has to help his mom on the farm but he’ll take Jason anyway, his mom would be happy to have him and a little fresh air will do him good. Lois is grateful.

— SECTION TO BE WRITTEN — Superman’s attention is distracted from the Doomsday monster by Luthor, who sends a few goons to wreck havoc in Metropolis. 

— SECTION TO BE WRITTEN — Lois arrives at the Kent farm to get Jason. She sees him playing with Clark’s dog, and Clark painting the family barn. She is taken aback by the style Clark is displaying: jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. She has a chat with Martha and then, just before she leaves she wants to kiss Clark on the cheek but accidentally kisses him on the lips, she holds that kiss and tells him he yet again that she missed him. Both realize that Lois is now in love with him, not with Superman, but with Clark.

– S – S – S –

Not very far from Metropolis, a family has been massacred. They didn’t even have time to cry for help. The monster took them out one by one, first the child and his dog that were playing in the cornfield; he snapped their bones as if they were sticks. The father heart the faint yelp of the dog but as soon as he stepped out of the barn a powerful blow hit his sternum, stealing the breath out oh him, the sound of bones cracking clogged his ears, his eyeballs grew in shock and crimson blood spilled out of his mouth. He fell down as a ragged doll, his eyes still open but void of life.
The only thing this beast has left behind was death; the barn’s walls were covered in a thick blanket of blood. In one corner a woman was lying on her back, warm, sticky liquid pouring from her throat, mixing with that of the cattle’s in a morbid pool of redness.

– S – S – S –

When he got to the Daily’s Planet Rooftop, Lois was already waiting for him. He carefully landed next to her, his boots squeaking under his weight.
“Did you want to talk, Miss Lane?”, he asked politely.
“Don’t you think it’s time to talk?”, Lois inquired with bitterness in her voice. “We have a lot of things to settle down.”
“We do. You shouldn’t have let Richard leave, Lois. I don’t want to trouble your life.”
“Well, it’s a bit late for that, don’t you think?”, she spat, he turned his head to the side avoiding her eyes, he hated himself for what he did. “Wait a second, how did you know Richard and I broke up? Were you listening to us?”
“No. But I do hear you crying every night, and he’s not there to comfort you.”, he answered sincerely.
“It was his choice to leave.”, she tried to maintain her attitude, but sill a hint of defeat escaped into her words.
“I can talk to him if you want.”, he offered. Oh, how she wanted to be angry at him, to blame him for everything but he was doing everything so damn difficult. He continued to put himself aside. “That he doesn’t have to worry about me. I won’t stay in the way of …your family. Jason needs a father.”
“He has one.”, Lois stubbornly answered.
“You know what I’m talking about.”
Lois silently cursed herself; this wasn’t going in the right direction. She didn’t love Richard, she wasn’t crying because he broke up with her, but she couldn’t just tell him the real reason, she was Lois Lane, not some cheap drama queen. She had to find out why he left, why she doesn’t remember sleeping with him, that before anything, even though her heart begged her to just forgive him.
“I don’t love Richard; I can’t live in a lie anymore. And since we’re speaking of lies …”, she crossed her arms and began pacing, his eyes followed her small frame, patiently waiting for the storm.
“I never lie.”
“Hiding things from me it’s still lying.”, now she was angry, her vision was clouded by tears.
“Ask me.”
She stared at him in shock, he was serious about it, and he was going to tell her everything she always wanted to know. Although the anger, the pain, the resentment burned inside her, the self-hate reflected in his cobalt eyes made her heart numb. Tears streamed down her face, she was losing her grip, so she let out the only question that she thought important. “How could you leave us like that? How could you leave me like that? We could have made it work.” His heart skipped a beat. He closed his eyes and heavily exhaled, it wasn’t the question he expected, but it was the one he dreaded the most. His mind was spiraling. He was going to lose her … forever. His eyes darkened with sorrow.
“No … “, he answered after what seemed an eternity. “…We tried it once, Lois. And it didn’t work. That’s why you don’t remember us being together … that’s why I left.”, she felt his words as if they were falling heavy on her heart, crushing it, she cringed, unable to stop the tears from falling, still he continued, “We were together, but what good did that do? You were in pain, having to share my secret, share me with the world, and when I gave up my powers for you, Earth was on the brink of being destroyed. ”, his eyes too began to water; “I’m not one of you, no matter how much I pretend to be.”
He raised his hand to wipe the tears off his beloved’s face.
“I never meant to hurt you, Lois. I made you forget so you wouldn’t live with that weight on your shoulders.”
“I was so selfish …”, she breathed, she did not want to know more, her anger dissolved. He loved her, always did, and this was what mattered the most. She closed the few inches that were separating them, and slipped into his arms. He was so warm, so comforting as he wrapped his arms around her, she felt his body relax against hers.
“Lois…”, he whispered in her hair, “…I have to tell you something.”, she raised her head to look at him but the building began shaking and along with it a wave of screams hit his ears.
“What’s happening?”, Lois asked startled.
“I don’t know.”
Pieces of debris were flying in every direction, people ran trying to save their lives. How in the world could he miss this? Clark wondered, how could he not hear it? From behind a skyscraper the grey beast Luthor released appeared, destroying everything in it’s path. Cars were sent flying, crashing into the buildings’ walls then bursting into flames. Chaos reigned, dust, smoke and screams filled the air. Superman looked at Lois.
“Go!”, she said, pushing him gently. He sighed, caressed her face and flew in a flash of red and blue to stop the source of all this mess.


[….] Section unfinished – Scene inspired by Superman Doomsday – Superman and the Doomsday monster fight, they are both killed in the process.

CHAPTER 4: Requiem

[….] Section unfinished – At Superman’s funeral

“Is that Clark’s mom? I think I saw her in one of the photos on his desk.”, Jimmy asked, pointing towards the old woman approaching Superman’s coffin. “What is she doing here?”
Richard’s brows furrowed. “Speaking of Clark, has anyone seen him lately?”

“He must be around here somewhere. He was probably late as usual, and with this many people around I don’t think we’ll be able to find him anytime soon.”, Jimmy shrugged it off, unaware of the fact that he will never see Clark Kent again. But Perry White knew, and his eyes drifted to Lois Lane. She was still watching the old woman, even though they were far from the coffin now, she could still see the tears streaming down the wrinkled cheeks, the sadness in her tired eyes, not the one everyone felt but the one of a mother who has lost her child.  Perry watched how color drained from the young woman’s face and knew she made the connection too. He placed his hand on her shoulder in sign of support, and she turned to look at him finding in his eyes the last drop of evidence needed to convince her. Her knees felt weak …

“Clark.” she whispered before succumbing to unconsciousness.


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