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Dracula – the beginning 

Dracula – the beginning A/N: Wrote this as a part of my novel “Legacy”, but can be read as a stand-alone short story. Hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated. February

Superman: Tomorrow’s Memory – updating ;)

This is the only fan-fiction that I started writing of the Superman Universe, I began publishing it a few years ago but never finished it…maybe one day. I’m a fan

No Tomorrow – Chapter VI | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER I | READ CHAPTER V A/N: Here we are … Last chapter. Turned out to be longer than I expected, like A LOT longer. I wanted to add

What do you want to be when you give up?

When we were kids we all dreamed of being something great. Whether we chose being cops, doctors, astronauts or cotton candy, it was exciting dreaming about it. But as years

In tenebris spes incensio | A V for Vendetta Fanfiction

A/N: Decided to post here one of my V for Vendetta fanfics, the first and the only other thing to write fanfiction for. The other one is too long and

No Tomorrow – Chapter V | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER IV HERE A/N: Chapter 5 turned  out to be a bit too long so I decided to split it in half. So there’s another one coming. Don’t kill

No Tomorrow – Chapter IV | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER I HERE READ CHAPTER II HERE READ CHAPTER III HERE A/N: After centuries of waiting … here comes chapter IV. 😀 Love you all! Enjoy! Chapter IV Tagline:

Random Movie Recommendations

Hello peeps! So, I thought I should do a movie recommendations thingy. Don’t take them for good, they are just some personal favourites, and let’s face it, I’m a weirdo

The Grand Relaunch!

Wow! Such branding, new design, much beauty. LOL! Welcome back to Maddie Rambles, tried to make it cozy for you, hope you enjoy the new look. I’d like to grow

This is a disclaimer

This is a disclaimer … not really, it’s just my excuse to why I haven’t been on twitter lately.