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Jenry Fanart

Henry and Jo – Fanart

Melody – Chapter V – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: This chapter is why this story is rated T. There’s going to be blood. I wanted this to be the last chapter but apparently there will be a sixth

Today I’m angry …

Today I’m angry, today I’m in a very bad mood. Woke up to the news that ABC decided not to renew FOREVER, and now I hate them! I know good

The day time stopped

Jo saw Henry die, now she hopes she can drink it away. Future Jo Martinez/Henry Morgan Fic – set after what I think will happen in the finale. One-shot. This

Ramble – My dream film to shoot

15.04.2015   maddiecristea   Blog, Film   4 Comments

A couple of days ago I spoke to a fellow filmmaker and friend. Amongst other things he asked me which would be my DREAM film to shoot. My immediate reply

Cottage cheese and cream Cake

Soooo this is my first recipe post on this blog. Thought I should start with something sweet and easy to make.

Melody – Chapter IV – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: Thank you for reading, I’m very happy you are enjoying it, and I’ll try to keep this story as interesting as I can. Note: I was going to reveal

Melody – Chapter III – a Forever fanfiction

A/N:  Sorry … this one’s short. Didn’t really have time to write. I have the whole story laid down, but there are a few spots that need some polish. I’m

Melody – Chapter II – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: Thank you to everyone that read and shared this story, it means a lot to me. *bows deeply* I might have to rewrite some of it, I didn’t really

Melody – Chapter I – a Forever fanfiction

Story Description: An exploration of ideas and drabbles put into what I tend to believe to be a full, cohesive story. Hope you enjoy reading it half as much as