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Melody – Chapter IV – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: Thank you for reading, I’m very happy you are enjoying it, and I’ll try to keep this story as interesting as I can. Note: I was going to reveal

Melody – Chapter III – a Forever fanfiction

A/N:  Sorry … this one’s short. Didn’t really have time to write. I have the whole story laid down, but there are a few spots that need some polish. I’m

Melody – Chapter II – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: Thank you to everyone that read and shared this story, it means a lot to me. *bows deeply* I might have to rewrite some of it, I didn’t really

Melody – Chapter I – a Forever fanfiction

Story Description: An exploration of ideas and drabbles put into what I tend to believe to be a full, cohesive story. Hope you enjoy reading it half as much as