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Superman: Tomorrow’s Memory – updating ;)

This is the only fan-fiction that I started writing of the Superman Universe, I began publishing it a few years ago but never finished it…maybe one day. I’m a fan

No Tomorrow – Chapter VI | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER I | READ CHAPTER V A/N: Here we are … Last chapter. Turned out to be longer than I expected, like A LOT longer. I wanted to add

In tenebris spes incensio | A V for Vendetta Fanfiction

A/N: Decided to post here one of my V for Vendetta fanfics, the first and the only other thing to write fanfiction for. The other one is too long and

No Tomorrow – Chapter V | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER IV HERE A/N: Chapter 5 turned  out to be a bit too long so I decided to split it in half. So there’s another one coming. Don’t kill

No Tomorrow – Chapter IV | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER I HERE READ CHAPTER II HERE READ CHAPTER III HERE A/N: After centuries of waiting … here comes chapter IV. 😀 Love you all! Enjoy! Chapter IV Tagline:

No Tomorrow – Chapter III | A Forever Fanfiction

READ CHAPTER I HERE READ CHAPTER II HERE A/N:  Think I just got my mojo on. I’m writing the last chapter of Melody too. Trying to bring this as close

No Tomorrow – Chapter I | A Forever Fanfiction

A/N: I just wrote this … I don’t know why … It’ll be longer. I have the full outline in my head, but my spare time is so scarce …

Melody – Chapter V – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: This chapter is why this story is rated T. There’s going to be blood. I wanted this to be the last chapter but apparently there will be a sixth

Melody – Chapter IV – a Forever fanfiction

A/N: Thank you for reading, I’m very happy you are enjoying it, and I’ll try to keep this story as interesting as I can. Note: I was going to reveal

Melody – Chapter III – a Forever fanfiction

A/N:  Sorry … this one’s short. Didn’t really have time to write. I have the whole story laid down, but there are a few spots that need some polish. I’m